PUNCH - Devlog (Week 6)

Menus, Pickups & Particles!

This weeks achievements:

This week was the start of sprint 3.

Last week we finished our vertical slice and the main problem we still had was player feedback. The rounds would end abruptly and you wouldn't always know who lost & why. Over the span of this sprint we will implement the remaining pickups & improve player feedback.

Here's a list of what's new this week:

  • Helmet Pickup : This pickup will activate on being picked up & will give immunity from falling blocks. Breaks on hit.

  • Laser Pickup: once this pickup is obtained, the player can place it down to create a large laser that destroys everything in its path after charging up for a bit

  • 2VS2 Team mode:
    • Two game modes (standard & teams2vs2) can now be selected in the menu
    • Players can choose their team (2 players per team)
    • Then they can choose the player color of their team
    • More features to be added (f.ex. team members can't punch each other)
  • Score system updated for teams
  • Menu: Players can't choose the same color character anymore
  • Countdown timer before round starts
  • Pause screen
  • Camera 
    • zooms in as the level shrinks
    • shakes when bomb explodes
  • Player HUD displays:
    • the score of each player
    • the icon of each player (same icon for team members)
    • Pickups if they are held and their properties (What you can do with them( Remove/Use),  activated time left)

  • Less abrupt round end with scoreboard animation

  • Border warning: blocks will turn red once their about to fall down into the water, giving the players time to react!


Bomb  block explosion: this particle is still a WIP because unity particle system is a bit different then unreal. 

SlimeBall (on the right): this wil be the icon/ pickup you can use to leave sticky slime (left) .

Plans for the coming weeks:

Adding particles to the game itself,adding clean UI, improving the feedback further & completing the remaining pickups we had planned

Stay tuned for more!


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